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What If You Get COVID-19 While Traveling?

Pack COVID-19 testing kits and N95 masks in your luggage and bring any essentials in case you need to extend your trip. Read on for more tips.

Can COVID-19 Trigger Insomnia?

More research shows COVID long haulers are at increased risk of insomnia. The CDC says sleep problems and fatigue are symptoms of long COVID.

Is It a Stomach Bug or COVID-19?

GI symptoms are common in people who have COVID-19. Should you take a COVID test if you have a stomach bug?

How to Cope With a COVID-19 Headache

Home remedies, including rest and cold compresses, may be among the more effective pain relievers for headaches caused by COVID-19.

Subvariants Are Fueling a Rise in COVID-19 Cases

BA.2.12.1, a subvariant of the omicron variant BA.2, has now become the dominant strain in the United States. Scientists are keeping close tabs on this version of the virus and other mutations as case numbers in many regions of the world climb.

How to Recover From COVID-19 at Home

Ease mild or moderate COVID-19 symptoms at home with over-the-counter medications, nondrug strategies, or antiviral pills or other treatments.

Your COVID-19 Testing Guide

Learn about coronavirus tests, such as PCR tests, antigen rapid tests, home testing kits, and antibody tests, plus how to get accurate results.
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